About EZ-Ranch
EZ-Ranch was designed specifically for the livestock owners who keep track of their own expenses, income and livestock. Do you have boxes of receipts that have to be sorted and calculated every year? If so, this package is for you. Times have changed and computers are being used more and more each day. Several computerized ranch management software packages are available in magazines and on the web for purchase but are very difficult to use and do not offer "itemized" profit and loss and livestock tracking. EZ-Ranch software has been used by several livestock owners that have never even turned a computer on and the response was phenomenal! We're not all computer wizs. If you are serious about your livestock business, let EZ-Ranch Profit/Loss Herd Management Software automate your business in an accurate, professional way.
Patrick Brooks
Lead Programmer
Lesley Brooks
Research Engineer
Toni Wall
Sales Manager

* Windows XP
* 1.5Ghz or Higher
* 100Meg Available Hard Drive space
* 256 Color Capability
* Min. Resolution set to 800X600 DPI
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